The Team

            Team Captain – Evan

A budding ornithologist, Evan is the cheerleader of the group who never gets jaded by repeated sightings of the same birds.  While he can’t hold up a pair of binoculars, just watch what this eagle eye can find!


    The Guide – Grandpa Rick

With an M.S. in Biology and all the time in the world, we are counting on this guy to put us on birds.  His years of experience and daily 3-hour naps keep his mind sharp for identifying birds.

     The Grunt – Josh

While not the cheerleader or the brains of the outfit, he’s definitely the most able-bodied (for now, anyway) and can get people where they need to go for a birding adventure – whether that is driving the Captain Up North or nagging the Guide to shorten his nap.

10 thoughts on “The Team

    • Thanks, Sharon! We may have to get some photography advice from you and any tips you might have on cool birds “Up North” next time we see you.

      • My only photography wisdom is: take a hundred pictures and you might get ONE thats something semi-special ! and because I am just very recently exploring this new fad called technology – I have boxes & boxes – and BOXES full of pictures – those 99 others – again & again…. in hard copy – that no human really wants to see – because there are NO HUMANS in my pictures ! even when I went digital – I STILL din’t quite trust what I saw on my camera screen, so felt compelled to develop EVERY picture I took ! I’ve gotten better, and generally don’t take many nature pics anymore (being I have boxes & boxes already) I guess my best advise would be – EMBRACE IT ! enjoy it, and see where it leads ! – do what you enjoy – words to live by !

  1. I am the managing editor of the Faribault County Register in Blue Earth, Minnesota. I would like to ask your permission to use a couple of your wood stork photos in our newspaper. We would give you photo credit. If it is OK, let me know, as well as your name and city of location for the credit line.

  2. I’m working on my masters degree working with Greater sage-grouse hens and I recently found an article written by Mr. Richard O. Wallestad in 1971 that mentions capturing hens using a chick distress call. I was trying to get more information on this method of capture and was hoping I could contact Mr. Wallestad either by email or by phone. I would greatly appreciate any help and can be contacted at the above email. Thank you very much.

    Steve Zanoni

    • Thanks much for getting in touch, Steve. I’m sure my dad would love to share his knowledge with you. Will be in touch.

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