When I started this project of writing a blog to tell of Evan's birding tales, I kept the focus largely on him and therefore only included his life list. What I found, however, is that the more birding experiences I have, the more engrossed - my wife might say obsessed - I become with this hobby. After an amazing encounter with the Northern Shrike, an uncommon visitor to Minnesota from the Arctic, I decided I just had to keep my own life list on the site. Little did I know how that list would take off. Evan and I easily obtained 100 species then had to work a litle longer to get 200, and now we are getting close to 300 species. It's been an exciting ride to say the least.

This list is a constant work in progress - new birds are being added at a decent rate though it slows down as new birds are harder and harder to come by, pictures are added as they become available, and old pictures get replaced with better ones when they happen. I have never taken the time to double-check to make sure I haven't forgotten some birds on my list (I'm sure there are omissions), so I can't say with 100% certainty that this is the sum total of my life birds (I'm okay with not knowing my exact number - I just enjoy seeing new birds). At any rate, check back often because the list is always changing.

1Abert's Towhee
2Acadian Flycatcher
3Acorn Woodpecker
4Alder Flycatcher
5American Avocet
6American Bittern
7American Black Duck
8American Coot
9American Crow
10American Golden-Plover
11American Goldfinch
12American Kestrel
13American Pipit
14American Redstart
15American Robin
16American Three-toed Woodpecker
17American Tree Sparrow
18American White Pelican
19American Wigeon
20American Woodcock
21Anna's Hummingbird
22Arctic Tern
23Arizona Woodpecker
24Ash-throated Flycatcher
25Baird's Sandpiper
26Bald Eagle
27Baltimore Oriole
28Band-tailed Pigeon
29Bank Swallow
30Barn Owl
31Barn Swallow
32Barred Owl
33Barrow's Goldeneye
34Bay-breasted Warbler
35Bell's Vireo
36Belted Kingfisher
37Bewick's Wren
38Black and White Warbler
39Black Phoebe
40Black Scoter
41Black Tern
42Black Vulture
43Black-backed Woodpecker
44Black-bellied Plover
45Black-bellied Whistling-Duck
46Black-billed Cuckoo
47Black-billed Magpie
48Black-Capped Chickadee
49Black-chinned Hummingbird
50Black-crowned Night-Heron
51Black-headed Grosbeak
52Black-legged Kittiwake
53Black-necked Stilt
54Black-tailed Gnatcatcher
55Black-throated Blue Warbler
56Black-throated Gray Warbler
57Black-throated Green Warbler
58Black-throated Sparrow
59Blackburnian Warbler
60Blackpoll Warbler
61Blue Grosbeak
62Blue Jay
63Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
64Blue-headed Vireo
65Blue-winged Teal
66Blue-winged Warbler
68Bohemian Waxwing
69Bonaparte's Gull
70Boreal Chickadee
71Boreal Owl
72Brewer's Blackbird
73Brewer's Sparrow
74Bridled Titmouse
75Broad-billed Hummingbird
76Broad-tailed Hummingbird
77Broad-winged Hawk
78Brown Creeper
79Brown Pelican
80Brown Thrasher
81Brown-crested Flycatcher
82Brown-headed Cowbird
83Buff-breasted Flycatcher
84Buff-breasted Sandpiper
86Bullock's Oriole
87Burrowing Owl
89Cackling Goose
90Cactus Wren
91California Gull
92Canada Goose
93Canada Warbler
95Canyon Towhee
96Canyon Wren
97Cape May Warbler
98Carolina Wren
99Caspian Tern
100Cassin's Kingbird
101Cattle Egret
102Cedar Waxwing
103Cerulean Warbler
104Chestnut-collared Longspur
105Chestnut-Sided Warbler
106Chimney Swift
107Chipping Sparrow
108Cinnamon Teal
109Clark's Nutcracker
110Clay-colored Sparrow
111Cliff Swallow
112Common Eider
113Common Gallinule
114Common Goldeneye
115Common Grackle
116Common Loon
117Common Merganser
118Common Nighthawk
119Common Poorwill
120Common Raven
121Common Redpoll
122Common Tern
123Common Yellowthroat
124Cooper's Hawk
125Cordilleran Flycatcher
126Costa's Hummingbird
127Curve-billed Thrasher
128Dark-Eyed Junco (Oregon)
129Dark-Eyed Junco (Slate-Colored)
131Double-crested Cormorant
132Downy Woodpecker
134Dusky Flycatcher
135Eared Grebe
136Eastern Bluebird
137Eastern Kingbird
138Eastern Meadowlark
139Eastern Phoebe
140Eastern Screech-Owl
141Eastern Towhee
142Eastern Whip-poor-will
143Eastern Wood Pewee
144Elegant Trogon
145Elf Owl
146Eurasian Collared Dove
147Eurasian Tree Sparrow
148Eurasian Wigeon
149European Starling
150Evening Grosbeak
151Ferruginous Hawk
152Field Sparrow
153Flammulated Owl
154Forster's Tern
155Fox Sparrow
156Franklin's Gull
158Gambel's Quail
160Gila Woodpecker
161Gilded Flicker
162Glacous Gull
163Glossy Ibis
164Golden Eagle
165Golden-crowned Kinglet
166Golden-crowned Sparrow
167Golden-winged Warbler
168Grace's Warbler
169Grasshopper Sparrow
170Gray Catbird
171Gray Flycatcher
172Gray Jay
173Gray Partridge
174Gray-cheeked Thrush
175Great Black-backed Gull
176Great Blue Heron
177Great Crested Flycatcher
178Great Egret
179Great Gray Owl
180Great Horned Owl
181Great Kiskadee
182Great-tailed Grackle
183Greater Pewee
184Greater Prairie Chicken
185Greater Roadrunner
186Greater Sage-Grouse
187Greater Scaup
188Greater White-Fronted Goose
189Greater Yellowlegs
190Green Heron
191Green-tailed Towhee
192Green-Winged Teal
194Hairy Woodpecker
195Hammond's Flycatcher
196Harlequin Duck
197Harris's Hawk
198Harris's Sparrow
199Henslow's Sparrow
200Hepatic Tanager
201Hermit Thrush
202Herring Gull
203Hoary Redpoll
204Hooded Merganser
205Hooded Oriole
206Hooded Warbler
207Horned Grebe
208Horned Lark
209House Finch
210House Sparrow
211House Wren
212Hudsonian Godwit
213Hutton's Vireo
214Iceland Gull
215Inca Dove
216Indigo Bunting
217Ivory Gull
218Juniper Titmouse
219Kentucky Warbler
221King Rail
222Kirtland's Warbler
223Ladder-backed Woodpecker
224Lapland Longspur
225Lark Bunting
226Lark Sparrow
227Lazuli Bunting
228Le Conte's Sparrow
229Least Bittern
230Least Flycatcher
231Least Sandpiper
232Least Tern
233Lesser Black-backed Gull
234Lesser Goldfinch
235Lesser Scaup
236Lesser Yellowlegs
237Lewis's Woodpecker
238Lincoln's Sparrow
239Little Blue Heron
240Loggerhead Shrike
241Long-billed Curlew
242Long-billed Dowitcher
243Long-eared Owl
244Long-tailed Duck
245Louisiana Waterthrush
246Lucifer Hummingbird
247Lucy's Warbler
248Magnificent Hummingbird
249Magnolia Warbler
251Marbled Godwit
252Marsh Wren
253McCown's Longspur
255Mexican Jay
256Mississippi Kite
257Mountain Bluebird
258Mountain Chickadee
259Mourning Dove
260Mourning Warbler
261Mute Swan
262Nashville Warbler
263Nelson's Sparrow
264Neotropic Cormorant
265Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet
266Northern Cardinal
267Northern Flicker - Yellow-Shafted
268Northern Goshawk
269Northern Harrier
270Northern Hawk Owl
271Northern Mockingbird
272Northern Parula
273Northern Pintail
274Northern Pygmy-Owl
275Northern Rough-winged Swallow
276Northern Saw-whet Owl
277Northern Shoveler
278Northern Shrike
279Northern Waterthrush
280Nothern Bobwhite
281Olive Warbler
282Olive-sided Flycatcher
283Orange-crowned Warbler
284Orchard Oriole
287Pacific Loon
288Painted Redstart
289Palm Warbler
290Parasitic Jaeger
291Pectoral Sandpiper
292Peregrine Falcon
294Philadelphia Vireo
295Pied-billed Grebe
296Pileated Woodpecker
297Pine Grosbeak
298Pine Siskin
299Pine Warbler
300Pinyon Jay
301Piping Plover
302Plumbeous Vireo
303Prothonotary Warbler
304Purple Finch
305Purple Martin
306Pygmy Nuthatch
308Red Crossbill
309Red Knot
310Red-bellied Woodpecker
311Red-breasted Merganser
312Red-Breasted Nuthatch
313Red-Eyed Vireo
314Red-faced Warbler
315Red-headed Woodpecker
316Red-naped Sapsucker
317Red-necked Grebe
318Red-necked Phalarope
319Red-shouldered Hawk
320Red-tailed Hawk
321Red-winged Blackbird
323Ring-billed Gull
324Ring-necked Duck
325Ring-necked Pheasant
326Rock Pigeon
327Rock Wren
328Rose-breasted Grosbeak
329Ross's Goose
330Rosy-faced Lovebird
331Rough-legged Hawk
332Ruby-crowned Kinglet
333Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
334Ruddy Duck
335Ruddy Turnstone
336Ruffed Grouse
337Rufous Hummingbird
338Rufous-capped Warbler
339Rufous-crowned Sparrow
340Rufous-winged Sparrow
341Rusty Blackbird
342Sabine's Gull
343Sage Thrasher
345Sandhill Crane
346Savannah Sparrow
347Say's Phoebe
348Scarlet Tanager
349Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
350Scott's Oriole
351Sedge Wren
352Semipalmated Plover
353Semipalmated Sandpiper
354Sharp-shinned Hawk
355Sharp-tailed Grouse
356Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
357Short-billed Dowitcher
358Short-eared Owl
359Snow Bunting
360Snow Goose
361Snowy Egret
362Snowy Owl
363Solitary Sandpiper
364Song Sparrow
366Spotted Owl
367Spotted Sandpiper
368Spotted Towhee
369Spruce Grouse
370Steller's Jay
371Stilt Sandpiper
372Summer Tanager
373Surf Scoter
374Swainson's Hawk
375Swainson's Thrush
376Swamp Sparrow
377Tennessee Warbler
378Thayer's Gull
379Townsend's Solitaire
380Townsend's Warbler
381Tree Swallow
382Tricolored Heron
383Tropical Kingbird
384Trumpeter Swan
385Tufted Titmouse
386Tundra Swan
387Turkey Vulture
388Upland Sandpiper
389Varied Thrush
392Vermilion Flycatcher
393Vesper Sparrow
394Violet-crowned Hummingbird
395Violet-green Swallow
396Virginia Rail
397Virginia's Warbler
398Warbling Vireo
399Western Bluebird
400Western Grebe
401Western Kingbird
402Western Meadowlark
403Western Screech-Owl
404Western Scrub Jay
405Western Tanager
406Western Wood Pewee
407Whiskered Screech-Owl
408White-breasted Nuthatch
409White-crowned Sparrow
410White-eyed Vireo
411White-faced Ibis
412White-rumped Sandpiper
413White-throated Sparrow
414White-throated Swift
415White-winged Crossbill
416White-winged Dove
417White-winged Scoter
418Whooping Crane
419Wild Turkey
421Williamson's Sapsucker
422Willow Flycatcher
423Wilson's Phalarope
424Wilson's Snipe
425Wilson's Warbler
426Winter Wren
427Wood Duck
428Wood Stork
429Wood Thrush
430Yellow Warbler
431Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
432Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker
433Yellow-billed Cuckoo
434Yellow-breasted Chat
435Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
436Yellow-eyed Junco
437Yellow-headed Blackbird
438Yellow-rumped Warbler
439Yellow-throated Vireo
440Yellow-throated Warbler