My tall, large friend Mitch likes to poke fun at my small stature and anyone else who is smaller than him. One of Mitch's greatest forms of entertainment when he was younger was to wrestle smaller family members and pin them. Once pinned, he would proceed to play the game "Ten Birds" with them. This game consisted of making a point out of one's hand by putting all five fingers together and then using that point to repeatedly peck at the subdued person's sternum until they could name ten birds while undergoing this agony. I certainly hope Evan never has to play "Ten Birds" with Mitch, but if he does, he'll be ready.
1Abert's Towhee
2Acadian Flycatcher
3Acorn Woodpecker
4American Avocet
5American Bittern
6American Black Duck
7American Coot
8American Crow
9American Golden-Plover
10American Goldfinch
11American Kestrel
12American Pipit
13American Redstart
14American Robin
15American Tree Sparrow
16American White Pelican
17American Wigeon
18American Woodcock
19Anna's Hummingbird
20Arctic Tern
21Arizona Woodpecker
22Baird's Sandpiper
23Bald Eagle
24Baltimore Oriole
25Band-tailed Pigeon
26Bank Swallow
27Barn Owl
28Barn Swallow
29Barred Owl
30Bay-breasted Warbler
31Bell's Vireo
32Belted Kingfisher
33Bewick's Wren
34Black and White Warbler
35Black Phoebe
36Black Tern
37Black-backed Woodpecker
38Black-billed Cuckoo
39Black-billed Magpie
40Black-Capped Chickadee
41Black-chinned Hummingbird
42Black-crowned Night-Heron
43Black-necked Stilt
44Black-tailed Gnatcatcher
45Black-throated Blue Warbler
46Black-throated Green Warbler
47Black-throated Sparrow
48Blackburnian Warbler
49Blackpoll Warbler
50Blue Grosbeak
51Blue Jay
52Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
53Blue-headed Vireo
54Blue-winged Teal
55Blue-winged Warbler
57Bohemian Waxwing
58Bonaparte's Gull
59Brewer's Blackbird
60Bridled Titmouse
61Broad-billed Hummingbird
62Broad-tailed Hummingbird
63Broad-winged Hawk
64Brown Creeper
65Brown Pelican
66Brown Thrasher
67Brown-headed Cowbird
68Buff-breasted Sandpiper
70Burrowing Owl
72Cackling Goose
73Cactus Wren
74California Gull
75Canada Goose
76Canada Warbler
78Canyon Towhee
79Canyon Wren
80Cape May Warbler
81Caspian Tern
82Cattle Egret
83Cedar Waxwing
84Cerulean Warbler
85Chestnut-collared Longspur
86Chestnut-Sided Warbler
87Chimney Swift
88Chipping Sparrow
89Cinnamon Teal
90Clark's Nutcracker
91Clay-colored Sparrow
92Cliff Swallow
93Common Gallinule
94Common Goldeneye
95Common Grackle
96Common Loon
97Common Merganser
98Common Nighthawk
99Common Poorwill
100Common Raven
101Common Redpoll
102Common Tern
103Common Yellowthroat
104Cooper's Hawk
105Cordilleran Flycatcher
106Costa's Hummingbird
107Curve-billed Thrasher
108Dark-Eyed Junco (Oregon)
109Dark-Eyed Junco (Slate-Colored)
111Double-crested Cormorant
112Downy Woodpecker
114Eared Grebe
115Eastern Bluebird
116Eastern Kingbird
117Eastern Meadowlark
118Eastern Phoebe
119Eastern Screech-Owl
120Eastern Towhee
121Eastern Whip-poor-will
122Eastern Wood Pewee
123Elegant Trogon
124Elf Owl
125Eurasian Collared Dove
126European Starling
127Evening Grosbeak
128Ferruginous Hawk
129Field Sparrow
130Forster's Tern
131Fox Sparrow
132Franklin's Gull
134Gambel's Quail
136Gila Woodpecker
137Gilded Flicker
138Glacous Gull
139Golden Eagle
140Golden-crowned Kinglet
141Golden-winged Warbler
142Grasshopper Sparrow
143Gray Catbird
144Gray Jay
145Gray Partridge
146Great Black-backed Gull
147Great Blue Heron
148Great Crested Flycatcher
149Great Egret
150Great Gray Owl
151Great Horned Owl
152Great Kiskadee
153Great-tailed Grackle
154Greater Roadrunner
155Greater Sage-Grouse
156Greater Scaup
157Greater White-Fronted Goose
158Greater Yellowlegs
159Green Heron
160Green-Winged Teal
161Hairy Woodpecker
162Hammond's Flycatcher
163Harris's Hawk
164Harris's Sparrow
165Hepatic Tanager
166Hermit Thrush
167Herring Gull
168Hoary Redpoll
169Hooded Merganser
170Hooded Warbler
171Horned Grebe
172Horned Lark
173House Finch
174House Sparrow
175House Wren
176Hudsonian Godwit
177Hutton's Vireo
178Iceland Gull
179Inca Dove
180Indigo Bunting
182Kirtland's Warbler
183Ladder-backed Woodpecker
184Lapland Longspur
185Lark Bunting
186Lark Sparrow
187Lazuli Bunting
188Least Bittern
189Least Flycatcher
190Least Sandpiper
191Lesser Goldfinch
192Lesser Scaup
193Lesser Yellowlegs
194Lincoln's Sparrow
195Little Blue Heron
196Loggerhead Shrike
197Long-billed Curlew
198Long-billed Dowitcher
199Long-eared Owl
200Long-tailed Duck
201Louisiana Waterthrush
202Lucifer Hummingbird
203Lucy's Warbler
204Magnificent Hummingbird
205Magnolia Warbler
207Marbled Godwit
208Marsh Wren
209McCown's Longspur
211Mexican Jay
212Mississippi Kite
213Mountain Bluebird
214Mountain Chickadee
215Mourning Dove
216Mourning Warbler
217Mute Swan
218Nashville Warbler
219Neotropic Cormorant
220Northern Cardinal
221Northern Flicker - Yellow-Shafted
222Northern Goshawk
223Northern Harrier
224Northern Hawk Owl
225Northern Mockingbird
226Northern Parula
227Northern Pintail
228Northern Pygmy-Owl
229Northern Rough-winged Swallow
230Northern Shoveler
231Northern Shrike
232Northern Waterthrush
233Olive-sided Flycatcher
234Orange-crowned Warbler
235Orchard Oriole
238Painted Redstart
239Palm Warbler
240Pectoral Sandpiper
241Peregrine Falcon
243Philadelphia Vireo
244Pied-billed Grebe
245Pileated Woodpecker
246Pine Grosbeak
247Pine Siskin
248Pine Warbler
249Piping Plover
250Prothonotary Warbler
251Purple Finch
252Purple Martin
253Pygmy Nuthatch
254Red Crossbill
255Red-bellied Woodpecker
256Red-breasted Merganser
257Red-Breasted Nuthatch
258Red-Eyed Vireo
259Red-headed Woodpecker
260Red-necked Grebe
261Red-necked Phalarope
262Red-shouldered Hawk
263Red-tailed Hawk
264Red-winged Blackbird
266Ring-billed Gull
267Ring-necked Duck
268Ring-necked Pheasant
269Rock Pigeon
270Rose-breasted Grosbeak
271Ross's Goose
272Rosy-faced Lovebird
273Rough-legged Hawk
274Ruby-crowned Kinglet
275Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
276Ruddy Duck
277Ruddy Turnstone
278Ruffed Grouse
279Rufous Hummingbird
280Rusty Blackbird
281Sage Thrasher
283Sandhill Crane
284Savannah Sparrow
285Say's Phoebe
286Scarlet Tanager
287Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
288Scott's Oriole
289Sedge Wren
290Semipalmated Plover
291Semipalmated Sandpiper
292Sharp-shinned Hawk
293Sharp-tailed Grouse
294Short-eared Owl
295Snow Bunting
296Snow Goose
297Snowy Egret
298Snowy Owl
299Solitary Sandpiper
300Song Sparrow
302Spotted Owl
303Spotted Sandpiper
304Spotted Towhee
305Steller's Jay
306Stilt Sandpiper
307Swainson's Hawk
308Swainson's Thrush
309Swamp Sparrow
310Tennessee Warbler
311Thayer's Gull
312Townsend's Solitaire
313Townsend's Warbler
314Tree Swallow
315Tropical Kingbird
316Trumpeter Swan
317Tundra Swan
318Turkey Vulture
319Upland Sandpiper
320Varied Thrush
323Vermilion Flycatcher
324Vesper Sparrow
325Violet-crowned Hummingbird
326Violet-green Swallow
327Warbling Vireo
328Western Grebe
329Western Kingbird
330Western Meadowlark
331Western Screech-Owl
332Western Scrub Jay
333Western Tanager
334Western Wood Pewee
335White-breasted Nuthatch
336White-crowned Sparrow
337White-eyed Vireo
338White-faced Ibis
339White-rumped Sandpiper
340White-throated Sparrow
341White-throated Swift
342White-winged Dove
343White-winged Scoter
344Whooping Crane
345Wild Turkey
346Wilson's Phalarope
347Wilson's Snipe
348Wilson's Warbler
349Wood Duck
350Wood Stork
351Wood Thrush
352Yellow Warbler
353Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker
354Yellow-billed Cuckoo
355Yellow-eyed Junco
356Yellow-headed Blackbird
357Yellow-rumped Warbler
358Yellow-throated Vireo
359Yellow-throated Warbler