“The Sagebrush Sea” — TONIGHT!

The timing couldn’t be more perfect–tonight at 7:00 CST on PBS be sure to check out “The Sagebrush Sea,” a documentary by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology on the vast sagebrush land and its inhabitants.  The Greater Sage-Grouse will play a prominent role in this film.  If you want to see what Evan and I got to watch live last month with Dad, be sure to tune in tonight!  Special thanks to readers Shalese Sands and Brad Nelson for the heads up on this documentary.

Cornell’s Trailer

PBS’s Trailer

P.S. I’m almost done with the Epilogue to our Montana Sage-Grouse trip which highlights all our bonus lifers and other cool birds from the Sagebrush Sea or Big Empty.

To read the story about our recent Montana Greater Sage-Grouse Lifer with my dad, Rick Wallestad, who researched Sage-Grouse in the 1970s, check out the following:  1) The Prologue–The Impetus, 2) Part 1, 3) Part 2, and 4) The Epilogue–Bonus Lifers.

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