Boosting the Life Lists – A Colorado Send-off

Purple Finch - female

Purple Finch – female

As you read this, we are currently on the road – again.  This time, though, we are headed to the great state of Colorado.  Our route will take us through Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota.  Birding is not the focus of this vacation as we are going to visit relatives and show the kids the likes of Mt. Rushmore and the Rocky Mountains. But one does not step foot in new biomes without pulling out something special birdwise. You can bet we’ll have a few souvenir sightings to show you and tell you about. Our life lists will surely expand.  Speaking of life lists, I’ve been hard at work renovating our life list pages on this website.  I finally got around to adding the Arizona birds, and I’ve added dozens of new photos – replacing old ones or adding them where they didn’t exist.  It’s a constant work in progress that I’ve been quietly tinkering with the past few weeks.  My taste for which single photo to display for each species has become more refined (picky).  Not even Mrs. Purple Finch here made the cut.  So come back to the blog to see what we dug up in Colorado and check out the lists as they will surely expand and change.

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