Honoring 200 Species with a Giveaway!

kaufmanIt seems like just yesterday that Evan and I were well below the 100-species mark for our life lists.  Then migration hit, and we easily achieved that benchmark and went well past it.  We are now on the precipice of 200 species as Evan sits at 189, and I have 198.
One reason I take pictures of birds and write our stories on the blog is to show the reader the plethora of beautiful birds all around us and inspire him or her to start watching them.  To help one lucky reader get started in birding and to honor this impending milestone, we will be giving away a copy of the Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America.  We love this book and have learned a lot from it.

So how do you win?  Here are the rules:

1. In the comment section for this post (found by clicking the caption bubble to the right of the title), guess the date on which Evan will get #200.  The person who picks the closest date wins. You can guess a second date by posting that date to A Boy Who Cried Heron’s Facebook Page, and you can guess a third date by tweeting it to us @birdingbuddies

2. If multiple people choose the winning date, one person’s name will be drawn from a hat.

3. Entries will not be accepted after July 21st.

4. Follow the blog: The winner will be announced in the blog post detailing #200 and will have to email me a shipping address within 3 days.  I will provide an email address in that post.  If I am not contacted within 3 days, the book will be given to the next best guess.

5. All international addresses are excluded.  I will only ship within the U.S.

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