Can You Hear Me Now?

How about now?

You’ll have to look carefully at the top photo to see the hawk.  He is at the midpoint of the tower – find the red section and look at the top.

Don’t worry, when I stop on the highway to take these photos, I always put safety first, liking looking left…

…and then right.

That makes five Red-tailed Hawks within four days.  From what I can tell, they are probably five unique hawks as each sighting has been greater than five miles from any of the others and there are visible differences in their plumage.  I’ve heard Red-tailed Hawks migrate; perhaps they are just returning because I have not seen much hawk activity prior to this week.

A bird blogger from Idaho that I follow knows all the Great-Horned Owls on his birding patch by their slight differences in plumage.  Perhaps I’ll be able to start recognizing the individual hawks when I see them.  I’m naming this one Verizon Guy.

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