Brrrrrding Before School

I love Mondays.  There, I said it.  The truth is, though, that I do not work most Mondays as my school is on a 4-day week.  It is on these Mondays that Evan can sleep in a little longer since I can drive him to school, and he does not have to wait at his school’s childcare.  Not only that, but Marin and I then usually have a “Daddy Day.”  Basically we just hang out, play some games, read books, watch movies, run errands, and so on.  Today we have a lunch date planned with Mom.

The added bonus of driving Evan to school is that we get a chance to do a little birding, which just means we look for birds on our short 5 mile trip to town.  This morning the sky was a vivid blue and the sun made the snow sparkle and everything dazzle with color.  It was the perfect morning for Ring-Necked Pheasants.  We kept an eye out, especially at “Pheasant Corner” – a nickname we’ve given to an intersection near our house that is a favorite haunt for pheasants.  Sure enough, we found some.

Do you see the pheasants in the picture below?

No? How about now?

Or now? These shots were taken through a dirty car window when I had the camera almost fully zoomed, so excuse the quality.  The temp was -3°.  Can you tell looking at these footballs?

Editor’s Note: The same camera, the Canon SX50, took both the photos of the kids in the car and these zoomed-in photos of pheasants with the same lense.  By the way, Marin’s owl hat was given to her before we became birders.  It fits her personality to a T.

2 thoughts on “Brrrrrding Before School

  1. Thinking Mondays are a good morning, and your new camera seems to be doing the job you wanted it to. Great that Monday’s can be something to look forward to for you guys. Marin looks like she is excited to be up and about. Hope your day and lunch with MoM was good. I have seen birds that I didn’t realize were there to see. Good hobby…. Love you, Grandma Brenda

    • Mondays are fun for Marin, and it was good to see Mom over lunch. Yes, there are so many birds! And winter is the slow season!

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