Let the Bird Stories Begin!

For some time I have considered starting a blog in which my 5-year-old and I could detail our adventures as beginning birders.  Last night I finally took the plunge and bought a domain name and have begun work on this project.  Evan and I are new to the sport of birding, and I am new to the blogging world, so this will certainly be an adventure for everyone – readers included!

So how did this all come about?

Over the last couple years whenever my wife or I spotted a pretty bird out the window, like a cardinal or an oriole, we always reacted excitedly and pointed it out to our son, Evan, who is now 5.  While our enthusiasm faded over time, his never did.  When gold finches would cover the thistle feeder day after day, they just became part of the background.  Not to Evan.  Each day he saw one was like the very first time – sheer excitement.  As loving parents we would try our best to sound sincere and say, “Wow, would you look at that!”  It was fake at worst and half-hearted at best.

It’s a good thing that grandparents can pick up their kids’ slack when it comes to sharing the joy of a child.  It also helps that one of those grandparents is a former biologist who has a special affinity toward birds.  As we visited my parents one summer, Evan got excited over the birds on my dad’s feeder.  My dad, Rick, got just as excited and before long the two of them were buried in a bird identification guide looking up everything with wings.

As a dad, I admired this special bird connection between my son and my dad, but I did not share their level of interest.  That all changed when I had an encounter one day on my dad’s property in northern MN with a bird I had never seen or heard before – the chestnut-sided warbler.  From that point on, I was hooked on birding. Now the three of us share this hobby, and it is my goal to detail our adventures in this blog.

In a future post I will explain how I chose the title of the blog, but for now, the picture in the header is of Evan screaming, “Blue Heron!” over the noise of the wind and the boat motor as we cruised across Pelican Lake last summer on grandpa’s pontoon.

2 thoughts on “Let the Bird Stories Begin!

  1. totally cute!!!

    my dad is a huge nature fan. he was always telling us names of birds, and calling birds and doing all kinds of “birding” things but he never called it birding! that was just who he is. loves nature. 😛

    • Dads play a huge role in a person’s love of nature and outdoor activities. I’ll discuss the sport of birding and contrast it with bird watching in a future post.

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